Hostinger Review 2022 - Cheap Hosting, But What's the Catch?

Hostinger Review 2022 - Cheap Hosting, But What's the Catch?

  • Published: 19-01-2022

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Hostinger is a worthy home for your website, as it offers excellent uptime and premium offerings for a decidedly non-premium price.

That said, Hostinger's plans lack some of the features you'd expect in a top-tier web host, such as dedicated hosting and telephone support but the price will be significantly higher, so there is a trade-off.

First, let’s talk about web hosting. So, whenever you build a website, it has to live somewhere, right?

Now, I know the internet can sometimes seem like a kind of ether where everything just magically exists, but in reality, everything has to exist and live somewhere.

So all websites are built on a hosting platform.

These platforms provide the infrastructure for the website to live, like the physical servers that maintain and store all of the information and structure of your website.

So let’s break it down a bit and go over their overall capabilities, and then I’ll talk about their different plans and how I think it stacks up to the competition. 

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