Change Default WordPress Admin URL For Better Security

Change Default WordPress Admin URL For Better Security

  • Published: 13-09-2022

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When you first install a WordPress website, the default URL for accessing the WordPress dashboard uses "/wp-admin" for the URL.

Example https://your-domain-name.com/wp-admin

For better WordPress security it is advisable to change the default WordPress admin login URL, this will make it more difficult for automated attacks.

The WPS Hide Login plugin allows you to easily change the default WordPress admin URL.

WPS Hide Login WordPress Plugin

Hide WordPress Admin Login FAQs

Why should I change the default WordPress admin URL?

For security, it is better to have a custom URL for your WordPress admin control panel.

Changing the default WordPress admin URL can help prevent automated bot attacks and brute force attacks which are often used to try and gain access to the WordPress admin control panel.

How often should I change the WordPress admin URL?

I would recommend changing the admin URL for WordPress every 6 months. Keeping those bots and hackers guessing will only help to improve security on your WordPress website.

You should make the admin URL difficult to guess which also improves security.

Remember to use a strong password for the WordPress admin account and change the password if you give it to a web designer after they have completed an update or upgrade.

What WordPress theme has the best security?

When building standard WordPress website design solutions I often use Divi Themes as the theme developer keeps the software up to date with new security patches.

Try to avoid free WordPress themes if possible as these tend to be less well maintained.

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