How to Duplicate Posts in WordPress for Faster Web Development

How to Duplicate Posts in WordPress for Faster Web Development

  • Published: 22-09-2022

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Installing Yoast Duplicate Post can help you speed up the web development of your website.

You can use Yoast Duplicate Post to make copies of existing pages and blog posts.

The duplicated page or blog post will contain all the images, text content, styles and layout of the original page.

You can then edit the copied page or blog post and make changes quickly to build new pages and WordPress blog posts.

Tip: You can also use this plugin to duplicate products on WooCommerce, so if you have a t-shirt for example that has two different colours but the main content is very similar then you can simply create the first product, then use Yoast Duplicate Post to make a copy of that product, then update:

  • The product name
  • Product URL
  • Images
  • Product Description

Tip: You can also duplicate content that is listed in a custom post type, this is very useful if you have separated your content in the WordPress dashboard. A good example is duplicating a project showcase to create a new project showcase.

Tip: It is worth putting in the maximum effort when you first build a page or blog post, when you replicate the page or blog post you will have less work to do as in most cases you will only need to update the content and page URL.

Yoast Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin

Yoast Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin FAQs

Is Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin free?

Yes, you can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin directory.

You can also install the plugin directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

Does Yoast Duplicate Post Plugin work with custom post types?

Yes, when you install the plugin, you can edit the configuration settings and select specific post types that have the option to replicate content.


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