Why it is important to keep your WordPress plugins updated

Why it is important to keep your WordPress plugins updated

  • Published: 01-09-2022

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In the latest version of WordPress, you will see an option to "Auto-Update" for each plugin you install.

In most cases, it is advisable to enable with the option for both the plugins and WordPress themes used on your website. This will ensure you have the latest and most secure version of the plugin or theme.

For larger WordPress projects that have lots of plugins, it would be advisable to test the plugins on a staging website before you update them, this will ensure compatibility across the plugins and the active WordPress theme. I would also recommend backing up the website before updating lots of plugins so you can revert back if an issue is found.

You should also check the WordPress plugin and theme developer websites for any know compatibility issues.

Make sure you keep your plugin updated as often as possible to avoid unwanted vulnerabilities. Often if a vulnerability is found, it is patched quickly by the developers and if auto-update is enabled then you can relax knowing your website is getting patched and will be more secure.

You can log in to your WordPress webiste dashboard and see what plugins need updating.

WordPress Plugin Dashboard

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