Why you should remove unused WordPress plugins

Why you should remove unused WordPress plugins

  • Published: 28-09-2022

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If you want your WordPress to run fast and make it more secure, then removing unsed plugins is a good starting point.

As you may be aware there are thousands of free plugins you can install on a WordPress website.

Often I see clients installing way too many plugins and most of them are not even being used.

Installing too many plugins will put your website under stress, as all these plugins are using the hosting resources.

Try to only install the plugins that you really need, if you install a plugin and you are simply not using it then I recommend you uninstall it.

Minimising the use use of plugins on your website will also make it more secure, Just do a simple Google search on "WordPress plugin vulnerability" and you will see there are lots of results returned.

Paid plugins tend to be patched quicker than free plugins in most cases.

Vulnerabilities are also found in WordPress themes.

The best course of action is to only install the plugins you really need, remove plugins that are not in use, and also apply this logic to themes on your WordPress website.

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