Avada - WordPress Theme Overview

Avada - WordPress Theme Overview

  • Published: 13-07-2022

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Avada Theme

Avada is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the ThemeForest marketplace.

You can use the built-in page builder to create custom business WordPress websites.

With over 800,000+ sales, you can see why Avada is a popular web builder solution for businesses and web developers.

Avada has a setup wizard to assist you in building your website faster by speeding up some common tasks.

You can also apply local colour and typography styles to the content of your website, import premade layouts with placeholder images to build pages quicker, and toggle between light and dark styling layout versions to speed up design and development.

Avada also allows you to create a wide range of popups and custom sliding bars, this is great if you want to highlight specific offers or simply gain the attention of a website visitor.

You can even install Avada on a SiteGround hosting solution with a simple mouse click which is simply awesome!

Avada has some very useful performance enhancements to speed up your website:

  • Disable un-used features to speed up loading a website
  • Image and Video optimisation
  • JS and CSS optimisation
  • Critical CSS advanced optimisation

Avada also supports WooCommece shopping system, you can create a:

  • Customised shop design
  • Customised Shopping cart
  • Customised Checkout

You can also create unique product page layouts to make your website stand out from your competitors.

Avada like most themes is a responsive WordPress theme, you can build layouts that adapt to mobile, laptop, desktop, and tablet devices to ensure customers can view and navigate your website with ease.

Avada like Divi and Elementor has a form builder, this allows you to build custom forms and also saves you a bit of cash as you do not need to buy a form processing plugin.

There are over 120 design and content layout elements that you can import into your WordPress website and customise.

You can preview the demo layouts before adding them to your website, this is an excellent feature in my opinion.

Unlike some other themes that require an additional page builder like Elementor, the Adava does not require any third-party page builder, you can use the in-built Live Visual Builder to create a custom website.

There are 5 main tools you can use to customise your website:

  • Live Visual Builder
  • Layout Builder
  • Header Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Performance Wizard

Avada is one of my favourite WordPress Page Builders, the flexibility makes it a go-to theme for quick and easy website customisation.

Avada is a well-documented theme that is essential for web designers to take full advantage of this WordPress multipurpose theme.

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