Elementor - WordPress Page Builder Overview

Elementor - WordPress Page Builder Overview

  • Published: 04-10-2022

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Elementor Page Builder Theme

Elementor is one of the most popular themes for building websites using WordPress.

Elementor is similar to Divi builder, Elementor is a powerful drag-and-drop page builder.

Elementor modules contain a set of core elements that can be added to website pages and modified using the module preference settings.

Elementor has been used to build over 10 million websites.

The WordPress page builder is well supported by the core developers, third-party theme builders and plugin developers.

You can start a new website from a blank canvas or use one of the 100+ website kits.

Elementor flexibility is one of the reasons why it is rated as one of the best WordPress page builders.

You can test Elementor by installing the free version to get a feel for the user interface and functionality or purchase the paid version for more advanced features.

You can use Elementor tools to build different types of websites such as:

  • Events Entertainment
  • Business Services
  • Portfolio CV
  • Creative
  • Ecommerce
  • Landing Pages
  • Media Blogs
  • Health Wellness
  • News site

The Elementor page builder has some useful web design functionality:

  • Masks - You can add masks to elements like images, videos, or Google Maps or upload your own SVG file for complete customization.
  • Custom Fonts - You can upload your own custom fonts or brand consistency, use google fonts or connect to Adobe fonts.
  • Text Paths - Add some creative flair by designing unique text paths with built-in shapes like Wave, Arc, Oval, Circle, or Spiral, or upload a custom shape for more design control.
  • Lottie Animation - Add lightweight interactive Lottie animations, and control the behaviour in Elementor.
  • Transform on Hover - Use the power capabilities of CSS Transform. Improve user engagement by transforming elements when a user hovers over an element. Make rotations, skews, offsets, scale or flip effects.
  • Custom Positioning - Get full control over the layouts and go off-grid using Fixed or Absolute Positioning. Drag each element where you want it to appear on the page and add a touch of magic to your website pages.
  • Responsive Design - Make adjustments to your website's style and layout for different screen resolutions. Customise the breakpoints for desktop, mobile, tablet, and other devices.

Elementor pages can be built for optimum speed and performance, to achieve the best speeds make sure you use an image optimisation plugin or upload compressed images to your website.

Elementor integrates seamlessly with SEO tools such as Yoast and Rankmath.

Elementor like other Multipurpose themes also supports WooCommerce.

Note: you will need to purchase the Pro version of Elementor to take advantage of the WooCommerce integration.

The Elementor WooCommerce integration allows you to custom-design the pages of your online shopping website.

You can reduce the number of plugins required by simply designing all the pages using Elementor Page Builder.

There are wide range of widgets available that you can use to customise your eCommerce website:

  • Product Breadcrumb Trial
  • Product Titles
  • Product Images
  • Product Prices
  • Add To Cart Buttons
  • Product Ratings
  • Product Stock Levels
  • Product Meta Data
  • Product Content
  • Short Description
  • Product Data Tabs
  • Additional Information
  • Related Product Items
  • Upsell Products
  • Custom Add To Cart
  • Product Categories
  • WooCommerce Pages
  • Menu Cart
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • User Account
  • Purchase Summary
  • WooCommerce
  • Store Notices

Using the Elementor Theme will help you to keep the look and feel consistent across your website pages, this can be achieved by setting up global attributes and using the template system.

You can also customise the core WooCommerce such as:

  • Product Archive
  • Menu-Cart
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Purchase Summary
  • My Account

Elementor also provides a set of WooCommerce website starter kits, these kits allow you to speed up the development of your eCommerce shop web design.

Elementor can be a complex page builder to understand, so don't forget to read the documentation or reach or check out the free Elementor tutorials on WP Edu.

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