Parallax - WordPress Theme Overview

Parallax - WordPress Theme Overview

  • Published: 31-08-2022

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Parallax Theme

The Parallax theme created by Themify combines a single-page design and cool Parallax features for WordPress.

A parallax effect scrolls an image in the background when you move down the page and normally has some static text overlayed.

The Parallax theme Has 60+ pre-designed layouts that you can drag and drop onto your website pages using the Page Builder.

All layouts are responsive for the best mobile compatibility, also included are:

  • Slider backgrounds
  • Video backgrounds
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Custom styling
  • Animations

The Parallax theme gives you total control over your web design, you can apply styles site-wide or to specific pages.

There are 11-page header styles to select from and a sticky header option.

Just like the Divi theme, The Parallax theme also automatically creates a portfolio custom post type that you can use to showcase your work.

Also included is a team member post type.

The team post type supports:

  • Profile Image
  • Full Name
  • Job title
  • Social Icons

Just like most WordPress themes, the Parallax theme also supports the customisation of headers and footers for websites.

You can speed up your website design by utilising the in-built image filters, but I would always recommend you edit your images in Photoshop and compress images before uploading them to your website to improve loading page speed.

There are lots more features available such as:

  • Animated progress bars
  • List and grid layouts
  • Font and colour customisation
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Support for RTL language formatting

The Parallax theme is also:

Compatible with WooCommerce and WPML

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