Neve - WordPress Theme Overview

Neve - WordPress Theme Overview

  • Published: 13-07-2022

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Neve Theme

Neve is a Mobile-first WordPress multipurpose theme with a built-in page builder allowing you to create a custom business website using WordPress.

Neve has cross-compatibility with many popular page builders such as:

Neve is a Lightweight Theme Built for fast-loading websites.

Neve Theme Page Speed Stats

The Neve theme supports responsive web design, allowing visitors to view your website correctly on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.

Neve allows you to:

  • Create custom page layouts
  • Customise and re-design the header and footer
  • Select the way you want the website layout to look
  • Change the colours of your site and apply them site-wide
  • Create multiple colour palettes

Neve has over 100+ ready-made layout designs. This will help you to get your web project up and running faster.

New design layouts are added every month, you can simply adapt the starter sites to match your business branding and design style.

Neve gives you the ability to customise the layout of your blog posts using layout presets and flexible tools.

The pro version of Neve has a custom header and footer builder.

The header and footer functions include:

  • Sicky and transparent menu
  • Multiple HTML header components
  • 20+ Components including Cart and Socials
  • Advanced styling options
  • Mobile headers and much more
  • Page header builder

Neve Pro supports The Elementor Booster module, the module for Elementor contains the following features:

  • Flip Card
  • Review Box
  • Typed Headline
  • Progress Circle
  • Content Switcher
  • Content Protection
  • Particles and Animations

The pro version of Neve supports Enhanced WooCommerce features.

You can set up key features such as:

  • Quick View
  • Floating Cart
  • Cart Notices
  • Catalogue Layouts
  • Off-canvas shop filters
  • Pro checkout Layouts

There are also many WooCommerce Web Design starter templates available in the Neve Pro version to help speed up the development of an eCommerce shop.

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