Kadence - WordPress Theme Overview

Kadence - WordPress Theme Overview

  • Published: 31-08-2022

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Kadence Theme

Kadence WP Is a powerful multipurpose WordPress theme.

There are many pre-made templates and layouts which you can use to speed up the development of your WordPress website.

You can use Kadence blocks to quickly build and customise layouts for your pages.

The block editor only loads the required CSS and Javascript for the blocks you have used, this will reduce code bloat and help to speed up the loading of your website pages.

Kadence WP has powerful design controls, you can tweak the design of your website page content for different screen resolutions to ensure the best user experience on different device types.

Just like other popular themes, you can build custom layouts using the row and column functions, this allows you to design a section of your website as required.

Kadence WP also supports over 900+ Google fonts!

Kadence WP also has over 1500 SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) icons, SVG files are super lightweight and load extra fast, helping to speed up your website.

Kadence WP also supports WooCommece.

Kadence WP WooCommerce

You need to install the Kadence Shop Kit which allows you to set up:

  • Advanced Reviews
  • Variation Swatches
  • Checkout Customizer
  • Cart notices and so much more!

Building an eCommerce website using Kadence WP is simple and easy, so why not give it a try?

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